Community center Lahti

Caverion and Skanska implement a community centre in Lahti, Finland as a life cycle project – with guaranteed conditions for 20 years

The city of Lahti has chosen Caverion and Skanska to implement the life cycle project of the Renkomäki community centre. In the construction phase, Caverion will be responsible for the delivery of the total technical solutions, including design. Upon completion of the community centre, Caverion will be responsible for the technical maintenance and managed services of the property for 20 years. Skanska is responsible for the engineering work including design and acts as the general contractor in the project phase.

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City of Espoo improves the energy efficiency and remote management

City of Espoo, Finland improves the energy efficiency and remote management of its properties – supported by Caverion

The City of Espoo is improving the energy efficiency of its properties in accordance with its carbon neutrality goal. Espoo has now chosen Caverion as its service provider for the energy and remote management of building automation in its properties.

”We are happy to get both services from the same partner. These services will help us get closer to our goals as set in the Energy Efficiency Agreement for the Municipal Sector,” says Mauri Laurila, Head of Premises, City of Espoo.

The service contract between Espoo and Caverion will gradually cover about 400 properties of the city and in the future also new and renovated buildings.

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We maintain what is installed. Not to preserve the status quo but to continuously improve. We keep facilities at the height of functionality, with minimal energy consumption, at all times. Ensuring 24/7 operations for building performance. 

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Our SMART ecosystem of digital solutions and technology enabling advisory services help you collect, combine and analyse data for productive decisions. We will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save energy for a thriving and sustainable future. 

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Being a Partner does not end with a project. It is about being a trusted expert advisor for a lifetime. Growing together, enabling you to build performance on the way to the future. 

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With the future in mind, we design, engineer, build and install - transforming walls of concrete into a living building.

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