Ellen Otternberg

From technical drawer to trainer for apprentices

Ellen Otternberg - trainer for apprentices, Germany

Ellen Otternberg has been part of Caverion for over 30 years. “I didn’t see a need to change companies”, she says. “I always got support from my managers. Especially after my daughter was born: I could work from home for three years until she was old enough to attend nursery. Afterwards I had flexible working hours.” 

In 2015 she became a trainer for apprentices. Her responsibility stretches over six offices in the southern part of Germany. “Working with young people has always been my passion,” she says.

Yet, her first job with Caverion was as technical drawer. “I had the possibility to develop my skills in different projects and even got the chance to work abroad. Last year I was offered the job for the training position. Again my manager sent me to different workshops in order to prepare me for my new tasks, such as a pedagogy training,” she remembers. “Now apprentices who start their career with Caverion, just like I did 30 years ago, can benefit from my broad knowledge,” she concludes.