Comprehensive Energy Services

Drawing on in-depth knowledge of facilities and advanced 
building technology, Caverion experts assist customers in 
reaching their economic and environmental targets.

With individually tailored solutions, our customers can 
reduce the environmental impact of their buildings without 
compromising the indoor environment and comfortable working 
conditions. Energy efficiency is considered already in design.
We consider the environmental impact and energy efficiency of
properties from the very beginning, i.e. the design phase, and 
evaluate the effects of technical solutions in terms of the entire 
life cycle.

Our energy services include:

Energy management
Tailored service to follow up and optimise energy consumption 
and indoor conditions throughout the property life cycle.

Energy saving contracting
Improving building performance through adjustments and 
modernisations of building technology, e.g. heating, ventilation 
and air conditioning, to reduce energy consumption and 
property emission level with guaranteed savings.

Renewable energy
Advisory services and projects on renewable energy solutions, 
such as solar energy and advanced system integrations.

Energy audits & certificates
Overview of the current situation, improvement potentials and 
action plan, fulfilment of regulatory requirements.

Energy Performance Contracting

One of the ways Caverion strives to increase the amount of 
customer energy savings is Energy Performance Contracting 
(EPC). EPC service is a long-term contract where different
energy efficiency means and investments are financed by
savings in energy costs.

As a partner, Caverion guarantees that the budget is kept during 
the agreement, covering analyses, decisions, modernisations, 
and in-house follow-ups.

Typical EPC customers include:
• municipalities or other public sector organisations
• private sector
• different industries