Developing the best workplace

Caverion values illustrate our everyday working and cooperation. They form the base of Caverion culture and best workplace for our employees. In the past we have defined four values that form the shared foundation of our business practices: Step ahead, Cooperation, Responsibility and High Performance. They provide orientation for all of our employees.

Our leaders, in particular, are responsible for living our values on a daily basis, making them more than just empty slogans. Caverion Leadership Principles was defined with more than 100 executives collaboratively during 2017 in order to crystallize what kind of leadership is valued in our company. They are derived from our values, and also new strategy work and Spirit results have taken into consideration when defining the Principles. The results were distilled into three key aspects of leadership, tailored to our needs today and execute our new strategy. Leadership principles guide all our leaders as they lead our people and shape our strategy, culture and organization. They describe how leadership should be interpreted and perceived. With our values in mind, we need leaders who are able to lead themselves, lead teams and lead business. 

Lead yourself

  • Demonstrate high ethical and moral standards
  • Act as a role model for the implementation of Caverion values and guidelines
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Show respect towards other people 

Lead people

  • Empower people
  • Encourage people and teams to work together
  • Collaborate actively within Caverion and partners 
  • Communicate expectations and targets clearly
  • Drive individual strengths and time management to achieve common goals 
  • Coach reaching goals with guiding feedback
  • Focus on developing people 
  • Foster wellbeing and safety of employees
  • Create a feeling of succeeding and failing together

Lead business

  • Convert strategy and decisions into actions
  • Promote customer focus and cooperation
  • Encourage new thinking and continuous improvement
  • Plan and act proactively ensuring future success
  • Share information proactively with all stakeholders providing clear direction
  • Guarantee quality and cost-consciousness in everything we do
  • Monitor changes and trends in our environment

Employee engagement survey in 2017

The Caverion Spirit invites all employees across the company to evaluate different aspects of the working environment on regular bases. The survey measures development in three main indices; Employee Engagement, Leadership and Performance Enablement including Work Safety.

The latest survey took place in spring 2017. 79 % of Caverion personnel took part in the survey and shared their opinions and feedback on different topics.  In recent years we have strongly invested in Leadership development and Safety instructions and actions and we can see in the results that it has paid off. All Safety items received very good results and we had good improvement in leadership area, especially in communicating expectations, providing feedback and people management. The main areas to work with and improve were performance and development discussions, development opportunities and building trust in the future of Caverion.

The results have been discussed in all divisions and action plans have been made to reflect the messages coming from the employees. We also follow up the actions and measure the progress to ensure the impact of the employees’ voice.

Code of Conduct

All Caverion employees are expected to follow the company’s Code of Conduct and other Caverion Guidelines adopted by Caverion as well as all applicable laws and regulations. The Code of Conduct defines our ethical principles and links them to our everyday decision making. It defines our way of working with different stakeholders. Every employee at Caverion is expected to report any suspected misconduct.

In 2017, Caverion rolled out a second round of common Code of Conduct e-learning for all Caverion people. This e-learning was completed by 93 % of our people in the end of 2017 and received excellent feedback about being clear and focused. This training will continue on an annual basis and will be a requirement for all new employees at the start of the employment.

We have a web-based reporting channel through which employees can confidentially report their observations of suspected misconduct. In addition, reports can be submitted via email.
We will without delay take the necessary measures if signs of illegal or unethical action are detected in our business operations or supply network. If a breach of the Code of Conduct involves any illegal activity, the incident will be reported to the authorities for further investigation and measures. 

The Compliance and Ethics Team promotes operations according to Code of Conduct. 
In 2017, the Compliance and Ethics team was comprised of the President and CEO of Caverion Corporation, Head of Group Legal & Governance, Head of Group HR, Group Risk & Compliance Director and the Head of Division Germany. In 2017, The Compliance and Ethics team convened three times.

See more about our Code of Conduct :

Equal treatment for all

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we are a responsible and fair employer and we do not permit discrimination of any kind, whether relating to age, gender, national and social origin, religion, physical or mental disability, political opinion or sexual orientation.

Although the industry has traditionally been male-dominated, we want to play our part in making it more attractive to women as well. For example in Germany we launched the Caverion Diversity Network (CDN) as a pilot. The network’s goal is to drive gender, and other, diversity by supporting the personal and career development, especially of female employees. Thus, Caverion wants to position itself as an attractive employer for all talents regardless of gender, cultural or ethnical background. In the upcoming year, the network will continue to grow and offer an added value for its’ members. Apart from further lectures and talks, the CDN will support reintegration efforts of employees returning from parental leave, offer E-Learning licenses for further education in various fields. The goal is to use the pilot experiences from Germany in order to extend the network across all Caverion divisions.

In 2017, women’s share of our personnel remained on par with the previous year: Women made up 11 % of our entire personnel (2016: 10%). At the end of 2017, in our Group Management Board 14% (14%) were women and in Board of Directors their share was 25% (40%).

Collaboration on international level

Caverion pays careful attention to developing collaboration between the company and its employees, on the local, national and European levels. The EWC (European Works Council) agreement forms the basis for international cooperation within our company. The objective is to promote cooperation, the dissemination of information and the exchange of opinions between the Group’s management and personnel. The EWC convenes three times a year, in varying compositions. 

Caverion’s EWC meeting was held in Helsinki in June 2017 and it was attended by 30 personnel representatives from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania, and Group’s management.