Attracting the best talent

People are at the heart of our business strategy and success so we need to be able to attract and retain the right people and offer them an interesting and motivating working environment as well as learning through interesting job assignments.

Our employees’ positive experiences form the basis for our employer image. In addition, we promote Caverion by being active in social media, attending recruitment fairs in educational institutions, arrange student excursions and hackathon events for innovations and take part in various campaigns that increase awareness of our industry, our company and our way of working. We always aim to recruit the most qualified and suitable professionals. 

Caverion received an award as “Best Employer Brand in Germany in 2017. Caverion won gold in the category “Internal Branding – Global Player” against a strong field of competitors. The jury was convinced by a fitness and health event for Caverion employees. Each registered participant, 1,400 in total, received a pedometer. They formed teams and competed against the management for four weeks. Every team that collected more steps than the management team got a bonus for their summer party. In addition, there was a corporate goal: each participant should make at least 10,000 steps per day. This target was greatly exceeded.

“Caverion is strongly committed to having healthy employees. I am very pleased that an expert jury acknowledged our efforts,” says Patrick Hartmann, Head of HR at Caverion Germany.

Opportunities for students

In 2017, we employed approximately 1 100 summer workers, apprentices, thesis students and trainees. 

Trainee programs and thesis cooperation give us a great opportunity to be involved in the professional development of young students. In fact, trainee programs constitute an important channel of recruitment for Caverion. Many of our best professionals first joined the company as trainees. 

In many of our operating countries, such as Germany and Austria, apprenticeship is a common way of providing young people with trainee jobs. Apprenticeships involve alternating periods of study and work, and their duration is typically 3-4 years. For example in Sweden, Caverion has an official apprenticeship program for electricians. It includes education within the profession at a workplace. In Norway, Caverion has a long tradition for being an apprenticeship company for students in a vocational school and each year approximately one hundred apprentices are hired at Caverion in the whole country. 

In order to develop education in our industry, we support cooperation with schools and institutes of higher education. Some of our employees even give classes at educational institutions. In particular, we cooperate with vocational schools and universities of applied sciences in engineering.