Our approach

Creating value for customers and society

Caverion’s technological capabilities cover all building systems 
and selected infrastructure and industrial technologies. 
Caverion operates an asset-light business model. Human 
capital is the most important asset for Caverion. Everything 
Caverion delivers to its customers is produced by its about 
15,000 highly skilled employees. Making this human capital 
serve its customers is at the core of Caverion’s value creation.

Caverion is a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers, 
employees and labour unions, governmental officials, and
business partners. Social capital in terms of good relationships 
is an important part of Caverion’s ability to create value.

Universal demand for energy efficiency and circular economy
as well as Caverion’s capabilities in developing, delivering, 
operating and maintaining solutions that answer to this demand 
are the most relevant areas of natural capital for Caverion. 
Energy efficiency is incorporated in Caverion's service offering.

Caverion’s financial capital consists of a balanced portfolio of 
equity, hybrid capital treated as equity under IFRS and interest-
bearing loans. Secured financing enables Caverion’s long-term
development and related investments.

Caverion designs and builds solutions for buildings, industry, 
and infrastructure. These solutions are the core of Caverion’s 
manufactured capital as they all, once completed, require
service for the entire life cycle and thus create long-term 
recurring business opportunities for Caverion. An example of 
these is the about 30,000 facilities under Caverion’s service. 
Caverion also offers 24/7 remote monitoring services for 

Caverion’s tax footprint covers all of its operating countries;
income taxes are paid in the jurisdiction where the value
is initially created.

Caverion’s key stakeholders are its thousands of B2B 
customers, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers, 
and the whole society.