Health & Safety

Our most fundamental responsibility as an employer is to keep 
all people who work for us safe. We do not differentiate between 
our own employees, in-house contractors or our suppliers’ 

Accident frequency rate*

Caverion’s management and all employees are committed to 
complying with, maintaining and developing common safety 
rules. An excellent safety record is a competitive asset and a 
sign of the quality of Caverion’s operations. We aim to ensure 
that all our employees have the skills necessary for the safe 
performance of their own work and for taking safety as their 
personal responsibility.

We take every accident seriously. All accidents happening to 
our employees and subcontractors are immediately reported 
and inspected, in order to identify their causes and to learn from 
them. In all incidents in 2018, our required reporting procedures 
were followed and every incident was handled immediately 
and individually with mitigating actions. 

Cooperating with partners and customers

Occupational safety is important at all of our customer sites. 
However, the risks associated with it are particularly high in 
properties and industrial plants, where work is performed in 
varying conditions. 
A safe working environment is created in cooperation with 
our customers and partners. We insist on strict compliance 
with safety instructions. This applies to our employees, 
subcontractors and partners alike. In addition, we require all 
of our employees to use and wear protective equipment and 
clothing at all of Caverion’s work sites.

OHSAS 18001 certified business

Focus on proactive safety work

Our goal is to become an accident-free workplace. We focus 
on preventive safety work: Safety starts with the right attitudes, 
the anticipation of risks and the active reporting of safety 

We prevent occupational accidents for example by:

• providing job orientation and general and occupation-
specific safety trainings
• conducting regular safety audits and inspections
• encouraging our personnel to report safety observations 
and assessing risks before starting work
• developing tools and work ergonomics
• having our supervisors and managers conduct safety 
rounds and safety meetings at work sites

Sick leave rate*