General Contractors

Our long partnerships and close co-operation with general contractors has resulted in buildings and technical infrastructure with high availability and user satisfaction. We understand the challenges and specific requirements of your investment and project. Our experts can provide a financially, technically and operationally optimal solution. As an independent operator, we are able to offer the most efficient overall solution – within the limits of agreed budget and according to schedule.

High quality building technology solutions for general contractors

We plan, cost-efficient and sustainable urban real estate and environments that suit their current purposes and can be flexibly adapted to the future requirements of general contractors. Our experts make sure that housing, business premises and infrastructure are functional, safe and secure.

We ensure eco-friendliness and comfort of 

  • apartment buildings
  • offices
  • shopping centres
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • public buildings
  • passenger terminals 

Our expertise ensures the safety and availability of 

  • industry facilities
  • road tunnels

In addition, we are able to design and construct 

  • high-end clean rooms
  • data centres and 
  • building systems 

ensuring continuous processes in production, research and in digitalised information society.

Responsibility for the total technical solution

Caverion taking total technical solution responsibility means precise budgeting and predictable long-term costs for the property. Our services cover the entire life cycle of real estate. Our Managed Life Cycle concept has a financial model based on a fixed price per month throughout the life cycle contract period, and includes all consumption of water, electricity and heating.

We can give you a savings guarantee through a service agreement when developing the cost efficiency of an existing property. Energy savings projects normally reduce energy consumption by 5–20%. Return on investment for small projects is 1–5 years and 8–10 years for large ones.

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