Gasometer - an energy-efficient solution

Gasometers helps  clients to cut down emissions and improve energy-efficiency. This is why gasometer-based solutions will become more popular in the future. The construction of gasometers is very challenging and requires precision and special skills. We provide a complete service chain catering to all client needs.

Our services cover everything from process plans and detailed design to materials purchase, prefabrication, installation, insulation, surface finishes, service platforms, ladders and commissioning. We also carry out gasometer repairs, modifications and maintenance.

We supply gasometers globally

  • Project Execution: Gasometer design, construction, painting, insulation and installation
  • Advisory Services: gasometer inspections, commissioning and training for customer’s personnel
  • Technical maintenance

We provide gasometers to the steel, mining and biogas industries. We supply gasometers ranging from 150 m3 to 150,000 m3 on a turnkey basis. Caverion has the technical know-how required in gasometer deliveries to arctic environments.


We design the process and storage tanks according to EN 13445 and EN 14015 standards.