Industrial heat accumulators

We provide complete heat accumulator solutions for the energy sector. Our heat accumulator delivery usually includes the process design and operational descriptions.

We supply pressurised and non-pressurised heat accumulators as well as industrial steam accumulators.

Our offering covers everything from process plans and detailed design to materials purchase, prefabrication, installation, insulation, surface finishes and commissioning.

In addition, we carry out heat accumulator repair and maintenance. We provide everything from engineering to materials purchase, prefabrication, installation, insulation, surface finishes, service platforms, ladders and commissioning. We also carry out tank repairs, modifications and maintenance.

We have solid experience. We have built nearly 20 heat accumulators for Finnish and Swedish clients.  With a district heat accumulator, daily production peaks can be shifted to coincide with the time of day that gives the best price on the electricity market. The district heat accumulator can be also discharged during the peak hour.  The accumulator serves as a backup system in eventual disruptions in the  power plant.