Process and storage tanks for all industries

We have been delivering process and storage tanks for over 60 years. We have built hundreds of large tanks on-site and countless tanks in our workshops. We make storage tanks of carbon steel, stainless steel, acid-proof steel and duplex materials.

Our global tank deliveries

  • Pressurised and non-pressurised tanks (e.g. gas tanks)
  • Tanks for combustible liquids (e.g. fuel tanks)
  • Pulp towers for paper and pulp industry
  • Petrochemical tanks (e.g. oil tanks, chemical tanks)
  • Tanks for energy and food industries (e.g. storage tanks, process tanks)
  • Biogas tanks and reactors
  • Distillation towers and reactors
  • Workshop tanks
We design the process and storage tanks according to EN 13445 and EN 14015 standards.