Versatile comprehensive solutions for high pressure piping

We have all the know-how required to provide comprehensive high pressure piping solutions to our clients. Thanks to our solid in-house engineering know-how, knowledge of materials, a wide materials procurement network, in-house fabrication and installation as well as an experienced project management team, we are able to provide an optimised overall package to our clients.

Our global offering of high pressure piping solutions:

  • Project Execution: design, materials procurement, prefabrication and installation

Prefabrication plays a very important part in high pressure piping projects. We are one of Europe’s most versatile piping prefabrication providers. We supply everything from individual mouldings to gigantic piping systems. We operate flexibly, according to your needs, and we are able to meet very tight deadlines.

Our main products are prefabricated pipe elements and piping components with related heat treatment, testing and surface finishing services. The bending and hot moulding techniques that we use reduce the number of welds significantly. This means less costs and improved safety.