Security and Safety

Proactive safety work is pronounced in real estate and industry safety management. The better the risks are identified, the better they can be prepared for. We offer safety management expert services, in which with them good overall safety management can be ensured.

We design, install, and maintain technical security solutions regardless of the brand to buildings and industry. There are available specific solutions, but also cost-effective integrated total solutions on a turnkey basis.

Security and safety solutions include multiple types of personal security systems and fire safety systems. Technologies are covering for example following systems and solutions.

By the help of an automation system, we or our clients can manage and integrate on the upper system level the security and safety systems, such as access control and fire alarm systems, via a single integrated interface. We utilise open solutions, which allow system independence and, therefore, support common communication interfaces such as KNX, LON, MODBUS, M-Bus, DALI, and BACnet.

Authorities have defined certain criteria for these works to ensure that the quality of the work is at the professional level. Our employees have the required licences and qualifications to fulfil these demands.

Caverion Call Centre provides a 24/7 service. Personnel are available on any day and at any time.