Business units

We provide smart technical solutions and services for buildings, industrial processes and infrastructure. Our unique service offering covers the entire life cycle: design, build and maintenance.

Caverion has two business units: Projects and Services.
Technical Installations
Large Projects
Managed Services


In 2017, the Service business accounted for 52 per cent of Group revenue.  

Technical Maintenance 

Managed Services

BA_Technical_maintenance_17_eng BA_Managed_services_17_eng
  • Preventive maintenance, condition-based
    maintenance and small maintenance
  • Digital services: IoTFlex service concept  
    for industrial customers, ServiFlex+
    service concept for building customers
    and remote centre services.

  • Customer tailored and comprehensive service. 

    For example, all services related to facility 
    management, energy management and energy 
    efficiency projects and maintenance during the 
    life cycle or overall responsibility for maintenance 
    for industrial customers

  • Around one hundred Managed Services customers 
    operating in the public sector and in the process 
    and energy industries



In 2017 the Project business accounted for 48 per cent of Group revenue.

Technical Installation

Large Projects 

  • Smal and mid-size projects
  • Single and multiple technologies
  • Implemented for building systems
    clients and industrial clients
  • Customers and industrial customers, 
    including both building renovations
    and future properties
  • Contract value of over EUR 5 million
  • Design & build on tender-based projects
  • Total Technical Solutions, life cycle projects, 
    project deliveries to industry
  • About 50 large projects ongoing

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