Operating environment

Interim Report for January-September 2019 (published 29 October 2019)

Operating environment in the third quarter and during the first nine months of 2019

The overall market situation was stable throughout the period. Demand was stable in other Caverion markets apart from Sweden. In Sweden, the activity level in residential and commercial projects was slowing down, while the infrastructure market continued to be active.


The demand for Services continued being strong. There is a trend towards a deeper collaboration between customers and service providers in order to gain business benefits instead of mere cost savings. International customers are looking for unified operating models across countries, especially in the Nordic region. There is an increasing interest for services supporting sustainability, such as energy management and advisory services.


The market for Projects remained stable but the sentiment started to weaken. In the residential construction market segment, there were indications of the market slowing down. In the non-residential construction segment, which is more relevant for Caverion, the market remained stable, with the exception of the commercial construction segment in Sweden. Customer demand for total technical deliveries, life cycle projects and different types of partnership projects such as alliance projects has been increasing, mainly driven by risk management. The requirements for increased energy efficiency, better indoor climate and tightening environmental legislation are increasing the costs of building systems investments.