• BBTools

B&B Tools, Stockholm, Sweden

B&B Tools provides the industrial and construction sectors in northern Europe with industrial consumables and industrial components. The Group generates revenue of approximately SEK 8 billion, with 2,700 employees in 12 countries.

Service Areas

  • Technical Maintenance


  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Cooling
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Electricity
  • Automation

Client Segments

  • Industry


  • Other


  • Delivery of equal technical services across all B&B Tools shops in Sweden
  • Present solutions that fulfill B&B Tools expectations to renovations and modernizations of their technical standard.
  • Quick response time on ad-hoc services and requests
  • Solution

    B&B Tools has a nationwide ServiFlex ™ agreement with Caverion for maintenance of the technical systems in their shops and warehouses in Sweden.

    Fixed services commitment in the service contract:
    The ServiFlex-agreement covers 80 shops and 2 warehouses and include help-desk, inspection and maintenance of technical installations for ventilation, heating, electricity, automation and cooling.

    B&B Tools also has a Serviflex-agreement for their eight properties that they own.


    2004 -

    Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Preventive maintenance  inclusive consumables
  • Corrective maintenance 24/7
  • Nationwide coordination
  • Optional: repairs, authority inspections, energy analyses
  • Focus on energy savings  - Caverion frequently suggest solutions for energy savings
  • Multiple requests for additional services.
  • The company has also signed an agreement with Caverion in Finland for the business buildings there.
  • Lifespan

    Corrective maintenance

    ServiFlex-covered shops