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Ice Arena, Wolfsburg, Germany

Wolfsburg is not only the location of the VW company, it is also known for the Grizzlys Wolfsburg, a famous german ice hockey club founded in 1992. In 2005, the capacity of the old ice rink was exceeded and the building had to be replaced. The “Ice Arena” covers 4500 seats for the spectators and a vip lounge of additional 300 seats. 

Service Areas

  • Project Execution
  • Advisory Services


  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Client Segments

  • Public - Sports & Culture
  • Public


  • Sports facilities

Caverion was commissioned to create and build a new and more efficient ventilation system. While the frozen surface and the underground pipework hat to be obtained, the ventilation system had to be mounted below the roof. 

The Caverion research & development department was involved to analyze the existing systems and to find a more efficient solution. A new ventilation system had to be designed, that uses an inverted displacement-mixing ventilation. While the spectators get warm air using a mixing ventilation system, a displacement ventilation system is used above the ice surface.


Installation of the complete HVAC system from above. 

  • Displacement ventilation outlets at a heigt of 8m
  • Flexible mixing ventilation system
  • Solution

    Caverion installed special diffusers:

  • Conical displacement outlet VA-K for 15.000m³/h of pre dryed air at a dewpoint of +2°C
  • Swivel jet outlets SW with adjustable throw width fort he spectators. Alle Swivel jet outlets have individual shut off dampers to operate the system with variable air flow rate according tot he occupancy.

  • Caverion developed a solution suitable for ice rinks, that serves the needs of ice sports, reduces energy demands and supplies high comfort for the spectators.


    2005 – 2006

    Facts about the building

  • Opening 2006
  • Spectators 4.500
  • Seats 3.000
  • Vip Area 300 Places
  • Frozen surface width x length  = 30 m x 60 m
  • Total coste 8,6 Mio €
  • Technical Facts

  • Total air flow rate: 92.000 m³/h
  • Pre dryed fraction: 15.000 m²/h
  • Humidity for dryed fraction x<5g/kg at 5°C
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Ventilation and air conditioning as well as complete electric installations
  • Contract value approx. 5 million €

  • Project lifespan

    Contract value approx.
    EUR 5M