Managed Services

Optimised operations for a smarter future

Operating different kinds of buildings and their assets according to their specific needs has a significant impact on budget – whether they are designed e.g. for living, working, production, retail or storage

Operations are always best optimised when decisions that are made in the early design stages take into account the sustainability and active management of the whole life cycle of the property.

Our Managed Services benefit the client by:

  • predictability of operations based on our efficient use of large volumes of data
  • increased security and reliability based on our knowledge and experience with digitalisation
  • predictive and condition-based maintenance and process configurations
  • continuous cost and quality control with automation and remote management
  • better value preservation

Caverion can offer you: 

  • solid experience in being the primary service contractor 
  • in-depth technical know-how
  • sustainable solutions
  • excellent purchasing, facility services and subcontracting networks

When we manage the services for the client, we also manage the risks related to:

  • cost
  • value preservation
  • business interruptions

Our Managed Services portfolio consists of the following services: