IoTFlex service concept for preventive industrial maintenance

From sudden failures to planned repairs 

Caverion's IoTFlex service concept takes industrial productivity and preventive maintenance to the next level. IoTFlex uses smart sensors to measure the actual condition of machines and employs real-time analytics to predict the occurrence of possible faults. 

The analytics based on modern sensor technology enables:

  • Detecting critical failures in the production line at the first signs
  • Addressing malfunctions before downtime occurs
  • Improving production efficiency 

The IoTFlex service concept is available for a range of industries and plants of all sizes. 

The system developed by Caverion has a new kind of failure prediction method that enables the easy adjustment of the failure prediction based on the running method of the machine. Another new feature is the easy adaptation of the system to a range of measurement needs, such as air particle measurements, vibrations, trace heating, and condition measurements and oil analyses for electric motors.


The remotely monitored preventive maintenance works like this:


  1. IoTFlex analyses the state of the machine in real time and sends data about an emerging failure preventively to a cloud service.
  2. An SMS is sent to a Caverion expert automatically.
  3. The expert checks the situation using a mobile application developed by Caverion. 
  4. Caverion's team of experts performs an analysis. 
  5. If necessary, a Caverion expert contacts the maintenance staff or the control room and asks an on-site employee to inspect the functioning of the machine.
  6. A maintenance is scheduled if required.
  7. The machine is repaired preventively based on the analysis. 

The IoTFlex service concept contains:

  • Smart sensors
  • A remote management device with mobile interface
  • Analytics through a measurement and analysis application developed by Caverion
  • The special expertise of Caverion’s experts