We maintain what is installed. Not to preserve the status quo but to continuously improve. To keep the facility at the height of functionality with minimal energy consumption at all times. 

We ensure 24/7 operations for building performance and the high-quality, safe and uninterrupted production of energy, supplies, materials and raw materials. 

Our services cover a large variety of maintenance services from technical maintenance to tailored upgrades and modernisations; from daily maintenance to shutdown services

Why should you consider Caverion as your maintenance partner?

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Efficiency and peace of mind (time, cost, resourcing)
  • Preventative Actions instead of adhoc repairs
  • Flexibility
  • Nationwide coverage and knowledge

How do your customers benefit if their building is maintained by Caverion?

  • Reliable availability of the infrastructure they need for their daily work and lives
  • Uninterrupted user experience 
  • Uninterrupted delivery of goods
  • High-quality products and production
  • Stable cost structure

Buildings And Infrastructure - Technical Maintenance And Modernisations 
Industrial Solutions - Daily Maintenance, Service Center & Shutdown Services 
Technical Maintenance(Incl. All Building Systems Services; Serviflex, Ad Hocs) Daily Maintenance Resources Available When Needed
Tailored Upgrades And Changes Wide Selection Of Maintenance Services Near You / On Your Site
Modernisations Shutdown Services